Quick Start Guide

Personalised fertility tracking & expert guidance


For some this is just a box. But for you its the future. Get started on your path to pregnancy with 3 easy steps.

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1. Unboxing...

In the box you will find a sensor, your getting ready guide, an armband, to wear the sensor comfortably at night and a handy pouch to take the sensor with you whilst you are on the go. Within the first week you will be contacted by an advisor to see how you are doing…

2. Connecting...

The app connects to the sensor via Bluetooth and is an easy process.

You can get your data seamlessly across your devices. Simply login with your unique, secure username and password.

3. Start using the app

To set up your profile you will be asked a few basic questions about your fertility history. Once connected and worn the sensor measures thousands of readings a day. You can record other physiological signs via the app, which will help us to compile your personalized support plan.

The fertility team will respond to in-app messages, or you can book your call on 1-866-727-9807 or email support.us@duofertility.com.