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Success stories

Every woman’s pregnancy story is different. Some people conceive after the first try and others get their life-changing news after 10 years of trying. Take a look at some of the people who’ve been brave enough to share their stories, to show you how DuoFertility worked for them.

Jessica and Mark DuoFertility Success Stories

Elsie & Paul

Elsie suffered two miscarriages when trying to conceive. After two years of trying, they felt the stress bearing down on their relationship.

“The interesting part is that by then we had been using DuoFertility for a very short time (less than three months) so it was not that we were not able physically to conceive, we were just not getting enough information ahead of time through the other traditional methods to plan appropriately.”

Anne-Marie & Richard

“We really didn’t want to embark on IVF, which we were advised would be our next step after medication.  DuoFertility empowered me, gave us the knowledge we needed and the fertility team reassured us and supported us through the entire process. We actually found out that I was pregnant on my birthday, which was the best present ever!”


Kathryn & John

“The highest compliment I can pay DuoFertility is that I intend to use it more than once. Once my little one is a couple of months old, I plan on using DuoFertility to assess if pregnancy has altered my cycles, and to prepare for future children.”

Jessica and Mark

“After 12 months of trying, it took a lot of the pressure off of her because there wasn’t any of the guesswork. I’ve never seen someone so happy to have morning sickness before. It stuck, went perfectly fine and our baby was born. It’s fantastic!”

Couple DuoFertility Success Story
Amy and her son DuoFertility Success Story

Amy & her son William

“I have PCOS and my cycles were irregular but often over 60 days so was assumed to not be ovulating. We fell pregnant unexpectedly but unfortunately went through a difficult miscarriage. After that I worked with an acupuncturist to reduce my cycle length and although I moved to a 35-day cycle we just weren’t getting pregnant.

After 6 months of trying to conceive we started using DuoFertility, I felt they really acted as my fertility PA, they did all the thinking for me and the lack of stress or pressure must have contributed to our success because within our first cycle of Duofertility we conceived our son William! When we are ready to think about another baby I would instantly turn to Duofertility again, I will always be grateful that they helped us become parents.”

Simone & her daughter

“We tried naturally for 2 years, using ovulation tests and charting my BBT, but these just never seemed accurate. My PCOS seemed to affect the accuracy of the ovulation tests. But using DuoFerility for just one month confirmed my ovulation, and also told me that I was ovulating a lot later than I thought. I might never have known without using it. Getting advance warning of when I was fertile allowed me to plan ahead with my partner and took a lot of the stress away.

Within 3 months I was pregnant. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DuoFertility. Here’s hoping it will help us in the future with another one.”

Simone and baby DuoFertility Success Story
Baby Rhys DuoFertility Success Story

Donna & Scott

“I researched into methods of getting pregnant as I wanted to be proactive, I chose DuoFertility without really knowing anything about my temperature and charting etc. I started using it before we were trying to conceive so I could understand what was going on inside my body. I was delighted that I was ovulating. I definitely made the right choice in choosing DuoFertility, it took the stress out of having to take my own temperature every morning and having to analyse my charts, DuoFertility did all of that for me leaving me to get on with my daily life.”

Faye and Daniel

“It was after 4 years trying to conceive, I was searching on Boots website for any offers on ovulation tests, when I first came across DuoFertility. We used the monitor for only 1 month and I found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage after 11 weeks. We were absolutely devastated, but after a few months decided to try again. After using the monitor for another 2 months I fell pregnant again. I gave birth to an amazing healthy baby boy.”

Faye and Daniel DuoFertility sucess story
janineandbaby DuoFertility success story

Janine & her son

“After frustratingly drawn-out months of trying to conceive with the support of finicky thermometers, fertility calendar apps, medical tests, and even old-wives tale tricks, I wondered if my husband and I would need to turn to fertility treatment in order to become pregnant. Preferring to avoid medication or medical procedures if at all possible, I spoke with my doctor about natural alternatives. My doctor recommended I try DuoFertility, and I am ever so grateful! Just a few months into using the simple and user-friendly DuoFertility sensor and tracking app, we were pregnant with a baby boy! It couldn’t have been easier, and I am looking forward to using DuoFertility for baby number two!”

Katie & James

“I have never had a regular cycle, so when my husband and I started trying for a baby, we were not really surprised when nothing happened after 6 months. My sister also had unexplained infertility and used DuoFertility successfully after medication had failed, she suggested I try it. The team contacted me immediately and explained the process. They also sent me regular emails, with a report of what they believed was happening in my cycle and the most likely time that I was ovulating. It was invaluable and put my mind at rest that I was, in fact ovulating. They were quick in responding and very easy to talk to. The support they gave me was exceptional. I don’t know of any other device that monitors and explains your body so well with such little effort

Within 2 months, we found out that I was pregnant! We couldn’t believe it! Our daughter is now nearly two and we have decided to start trying for another baby. We will definitely be using DuoFertility again!”

katitejames DuoFertility success story
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