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DuoFertility is the only fertility wearable that is accompanied by a personalised service

Getting to know you

The right information about your ovulation cycles can guide you on your path to pregnancy. Our fertility team work together with the app to learn what makes your cycle unique and gives you the best chance to conceive naturally.

Learning Algorithm

We have analysed over 2000 years of menstrual cycle data. Your data is inputted into the app and analysed with our algorithms. Each month we gain a better understanding of your cycles and compare them to our extensive database to identify your fertile window.

Works with health professionals

We work with healthcare professionals. Should you need the help of fertility treatment, such as hormonal stimulation, the data provided by our technology can be taken to your GP or fertility clinic.

Continuous Measurement

Tracking your temperature and changes in movement continuously, improves the accuracy of predicting ovulation. The app will show you your ‘green days’ and lets you know 10 days in advance when best to try.

Multiple Data Points

These readings are combined with additional information, such as: luteinizing hormone (LH) test results, cervical mucus observations, menstruation patterns and intercourse frequency.

Safe and Secure

You should feel safe in the knowledge that your data will remain entirely secure. Your unique username and password are stored anonymously and encrypted to advanced industry standards.

Proven science

We have used advances sensor technology to accurately predict ovulation patters and combined this with human scientific practices to form a complete personalised package for couples trying to conceive. The combination of the service, sensor and app can help you maximise your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

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