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New Research: White Paper – Pregnancies of women using DuoFertility

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1 in 6 couples trying to conceive experience difficulties. Age is one of the most important factors and women over 35 years old can expect it to take longer. Other conditions can also affect fertility, DuoFertility has experience helping these couples increase their chances of natural conception.

Summary of our results:

  • 1. For women using the DuoFertility programme, 60% of all pregnancies occurred within 3 cycles and over 80% of pregnancies occurred within the first 6 cycles.
  • 2. Couples who have been trying to get pregnant for 12 months before using DuoFertility, we have seen:
    • Age Under 35 – 72% became pregnant whilst using the DuoFertility programme
    • Age 36 to 42 – 64% became pregnant whilst using the DuoFertility programme
  • 3. More than 65% of women or their partners using DuoFertility included in these studies had a fertility issue such as PCOS, endometriosis, or unexplained infertility. And DuoFertility could still help these couples.

Why DuoFertility for natural conception?
Many of our customers and future customers ask us when they will get pregnant, how long will it take. Is there a quicker way we can get pregnant?
The window in which you can get pregnant each cycle is only small and so for a lot of the women we help, the main hurdle is timing. They are simply having intercourse at the wrong time in their cycle. Even women with regular cycles can vary on the day they ovulate each cycle.
For other women, particularly those with irregular cycles, they often need more guidance and advice about steps to improve their chance of conceiving. When you use DuoFertility, there are trained fertility experts predicting your ovulation days, analysing your data and proactively giving you advice on your ovulation cycles. We believe this is the complete solution for couples trying for a baby naturally.

And how successful is this approach?
We have confirmed previous observations that women younger than 35 years have a higher rate of pregnancy success than women over 36 years. With women who have been trying to conceive for less than 6 months and who are younger than 35 years having a 92.9% pregnancy rate over 12 cycles using DuoFertility.

Women who have been trying to conceive for over 1 year before commencing the DuoFertility programme have a 71.5% success rate over 12 cycles of use of DuoFertility (64.5% if over 36 years of age). A large proportion (65%) of the women included in this study had an existing fertility issue although still have a high rate of pregnancy success.

Below you can see how effective DuoFertility has been over 12 cycles for those 35 years and under compared to women who are 36 and over.

DuoFertility pregnancy rates by age and time trying to conceive

If you want to know more about how long conception might take, which cycle pregnancy commonly occurs, fertility issues and the common length of time our customers are trying to conceive using DuoFertility, submit your email address to download our white paper now.

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