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About DuoFertility

What is DuoFertility?

DuoFertility is a body-worn sensor with a personalised service. The sensor and app track and predict your ovulation cycles with our experienced fertility experts supporting you on your path to pregnancy.

How can DuoFertility help me?

DuoFertility is a sophisticated non-invasive fertility monitoring service with expert support. A discreet body-worn sensor automatically takes continuous measurements of your temperature and wirelessly uploads your data to a password-protected app on your device. The data collected allows DuoFertility to build up a detailed picture of your cycle and predict your fertile days in your cycle. It may also help to identify underlying fertility issues.

We are also there to provide fertility guidance by secure in-app messaging or by phone, call for any queries you have and updating you throughout your cycle.

How does DuoFertility work?

The DuoFertility sensor takes thousands of measurements of your temperature and motion every day. The DuoFertility algorithms calculate a value for your basal body temperature (BBT), the lowest temperature of your body during rest, typically during deep sleep. This allows DuoFertility to detect the small increase in your BBT which occurs when you ovulate.

Your ovulation cycle data is actively reviewed by our fertility experts and your fertile prediction will be available on your app up to 10 days in advance, allowing you time to plan your time together.

Who can use DuoFertility?

DuoFertility can be used by couples who are trying to conceive for various conditions such as unexplained infertility, PCOS, secondary infertility or thyroid problems. DuoFertility is not suitable for women with two blocked/damaged fallopian tubes, for women taking injections to trigger ovulation (although Clomid, Metformin, Letrozole are OK), or for men with a very low sperm quality.

If you would like more advice on whether DuoFertility can help you, please do get in touch to speak to one of our advisors on our helpline; UK customer service: 01223 967 701 US customer service: 1-866-727-9807 or you can email us at UK customer support e-mail: or for customers in the US.

When should I start using DuoFertility?

We suggest that you start using DuoFertility as soon as you receive it, rather than waiting until the beginning of your next cycle. This will allow the sensor to collect as much valuable temperature data as possible and will help to ensure the accuracy of your fertile window predictions.

How long do I have to use DuoFertility before it can identify my fertile window?

This depends on when in your cycle you start using DuoFertility. If you start early in your cycle then you may receive a fertile window prediction for that cycle, otherwise you may need to wait until the start of your next cycle before receiving a prediction. We recommend allowing one cycle for DuoFertility to become accustomed to the way your body works before it can determine in advance the best time to plan intercourse.

Can DuoFertility help my doctor diagnose an infertility problem?

Our fertility experts actively review your data and are on hand to discuss your cycles with you. Irregularities in your cycle patterns can be taken to your doctor as these may suggest underlying hormonal imbalances. DuoFertility tracks your ovulation patterns and you can share the data with your doctor to discuss your cycles to help plan your next steps.

How long will it take for DuoFertility to arrive once my order has been placed?

We aim to dispatch your product within the next working day and this is shipped using Royal Mail 1st class signed for, so it should typically be with you in around 4 days after you have ordered. For customers outside the UK, the delivery time will take a bit longer between 7-10 days depending on where you live. You can choose FedEx at checkout for a faster delivery service.

Getting Started with DuoFertility and the app

How do I download the app?

You can download the app in the Google Play store for Android devices and the App Store for Apple devices. If you don’t have a phone or tablet, you do not need to download the app. Instructions on how to get started using a Windows PC or Mac will be provided in the DuoFertility Mobile package sent to you.

What devices is DuoFertility compatible with?

iOS Devices:
The DuoFertility App needs iOS 8.1 or later running on one of the following devices:
– iPhone 4S or higher
– iPad 3rd generation or higher
– iPad Mini (all versions)
– iPod Touch 5th generation or higher

Android: The DuoFertility App needs Android 5.0 or later and Bluetooth 4.0 or later support.

Windows: Windows for ARM devices, and Windows Phone are not supported.

Mac: Requires Mac OS X 10.9 or higher

What if I don’t have a smartphone or tablet?

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, you can use your computer using the dongle which is supplied in the box.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to be able to use the app?

Yes, data is transferred automatically from the sensor onto the app as long as your Bluetooth is active and there is internet connection. You can add information on to the app but you need to be connected to the internet for that information to come through to our servers.

How do I transfer my data to the DuoFertility centre?

Your data is automatically transferred to our servers, unless you perform a manual transfer. There is no need for you to actively send us your data – the entire process is automatic.

Can my partner download the app?

Yes, with your consent, your partner can also download the app onto their device. Feedback from couples who have used DuoFertility shows that they have appreciated their partner being able to view their chart to help them to feel more connected.

Once on the programme, how do I get in touch with a fertility expert?

The best way to get in touch with a fertility expert is to send a message within the app with your question.

Using DuoFertility

Do I remove the sensor from my skin to transfer the data to the app?

You do not need to take the sensor off for the automatic sync. However, you will need to take it off when performing a manual sync. We recommend letting the sensor transfer data in the background automatically.

Does DuoFertility keep my private data secure?

We ensure that all data is kept secure and completely confidential. All data that you upload to our servers is encrypted to advanced industry standards.

How is the data transmitted to the server and is it safe?

The transfer system from sensor to phone (or dongle) is using Bluetooth Low Energy (also called Bluetooth Smart). This system is commonly used for wearable devices (such as Apple watch, Fitbit, Shine…). The sensor is not active for most of the time, it only transfers for as short a time as necessary every hour or so. The Bluetooth Low Energy system uses low-power radio waves at around 2.4GHz.

Will traveling in different time zones affect my temperature readings?

No, traveling in different time zones should not affect your temperature readings. However, we recommend that you make a note of the fact that you have been traveling on your app, in case this causes greater variability in your data. DuoFertility uses the time zone setting of the device used to transfer data from the sensor, so it is important to set this correctly when changing time zones

Will sleeping with a hot water bottle affect my temperature measurements?

This should not affect your temperature measurements unless the hot water bottle is very close to where you are wearing the sensor.

Can I wear the DuoFertility sensor in the shower?

Yes, the sensor is fully waterproof and can be worn in the shower.

How long do the adhesives last for?

The adhesives should keep the sensor in place for a few days, but this will depend on your skin type. We recommend that you change the adhesives every few days.

What should I do if I want to stop using DuoFertility for some time?

If you are planning to have a break from using DuoFertility we can put your subscription on hold. We recommend that you continue to make a note of your menstruation so you can enter this on your chart once you start using DuoFertility again.

Other questions

Can DuoFertility tell me whether I am pregnant?

Some women display temperature patterns which may suggest implantation has taken place. However, this is only an indicative sign and a pregnancy test is the only way to be sure.

Can the DuoFertility sensor be used by more than one woman?

It is not possible for the sensor to be used by more than one woman. The DuoFertility sensor and the app have been set up with personal information, and learn from each woman’s menstrual cycle in order to accurately identify her fertile window. If more than one woman were to wear the sensor, the results would be erroneous.

Can DuoFertility be used for contraception?

DuoFertility is intended for measuring and recording basal body temperature (BBT) as an aid in ovulation prediction to aid in conception and is NOT to be used for contraception.
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