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DuoFertility Fits Into Your Life

The DuoFertility programme is designed to be really easy to follow.  Simply wear a small sensor underneath your arm and let us do all the work for you. Get the reassurance when you are ovulating and the support when you’re not.

Difficulty in conceiving commonly causes stress, which can in turn affect fertility. DuoFertility has been specially designed to fit in with your lifestyle – you can wear the DuoFertility sensor anywhere and anytime. The sensor is fully waterproof so you can wear it even in the shower or bath.

DuoFertility does the work, collecting several thousand temperature points every day and night for our Fertility Experts to analyse. We actively interpret your cycle for you and pinpoint your most fertile days – meaning you can get on with the rest of your life.

Our Fertility Experts tell you what you need to know; when you are approaching ovulation, when you ovulated and any unusual patterns that might need checking by a doctor.

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