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Having trouble conceiving?
You are not alone…

We know that it can be stressful trying to conceive. 1 in 6 couples face a problem too*. You may have tried ovulation kits, free apps or off the shelf products and it may not have worked.

We at DuoFertility believe that these solutions only reveal part of the story…

National Institute for Health and Excellence (NICE, CG156, 2013) Fertility problems: assessment and treatment. Clinical guideline [CG156] Published date: February 2013, Last updated: August 2016. Te Velde ER, Eijkemans R, Habbema HD. Variation in couple fecundity and time to pregnancy, an essential concept in human reproduction. Lancet. 2000 Jun 3;355(9219):1928-9

The service combines these 3 things:

An accurate
temperature sensor

An easy to use App

& expert fertility advice

Hear from our customers

Can it work for you?

You might be asking, “What are my chances of conception?” We know that this can be different for every couple. We have found that with DuoFertility:

60% of our customers who conceived, got pregnant within the first 4 months.

More than 65% of our customers, who have had issues such as PCOS or unexplained infertility still conceived

You are 3 times more likely to conceive when using DuoFertility compared to simply trying on your own

User friendly hassle free sensor

If you’ve used ovulation kits, intrusive devices, or thermometers it could become a chore to track your ovulation.

Our sensor couldn’t be easier to use, or easier to wear. It’s small and discreet and once synced with your device it will continuously and automatically track your cycle and ovulation signs.

Sync once to pair to all your connected devices, for both IOS and Android.

Fertility Experts:
What to expect

We know that an app alone is not enough. Our fertility experts are proactively checking your data and guiding you through your ovulation cycles. Helping you make sense of your data and advising you on your options.

Looking for
fertility clues

On your app you can enter information about your general health and fertility, such as cervical mucus changes, ovulation tests, spotting, sleep, illness and mood.

Every clue can help to understand your unique cycle. This gives our experts the best chance to give you the right advice at the right time.

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